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Using our ECOseal™ sealing technology with ArmorMix™, ECORail™ applies a revolutionary corrosion inhibitor and structural strengthener that is environmentally safe, with no carbon emissions or hazardous waste and is ideal for railroad equipment applications.

ECOseal™ can be applied as an interior coating of food grade boxcars and containers. In addition to being fire proof, bug proof and water resistant, this sealing process will add additional insulation and life to the equipment.

ECOseal™ can be used as the material for the interior coating and liners in covered hoppers, significantly increasing life.

ECOseal™ can be used to extend the life of rail equipment as a sealer to floors and bottoms on passenger cars and freight equipment.

The sealing process is performed at the customer’s site or at one of our Railmark Rail Service Centers. ECOdeck™ is new treated flooring and decking that can be shipped to your shop facility for installation.
ECOdeck™ is solid wood railcar decking and railcar liners that is treated with a special borate-based solution and a special treating process that is moisture proof, water retardant, fire retardant, protects against weather, adds additional structural strength, does not leach, lasts longer, and is environmentally safe in every way. Our decking is ideal for exposed railcar flooring and interior decking, especially in food-grade boxcars where the need to keep bugs and other pests away. An ECOdeck™ simply lasts longer.

Company testing found that this decking and liners will last longer than today’s conventionally-treated lumber. This makes them safe for the environment in two ways, (1.) its treatment process technology and (2.) the decreased demand on our virgin timber resources due to their ability to last longer than conventionally treated railcar decking and liners. Our treating process does not call for the long term drying of the lumber and the use of heavy pressure, thus retaining the natural structural integrity of the decking and liners.
Professional Installation
Railmark not only sells ECORail™ products, we can install as well. Railmark Railcar Services can install ECOdeck™ railcar liners and flooring using one of our Railmark Rail Service Centers, using one of our mobile repair crews, or at your location’s siding. The ECOseal™ applications are performed onsite or using one of Railmark’s facilities. Railmark has the ability to provide its customers with a complete installation and maintenance package using our products.

The ECOseal™ and ArmorMix™ technology is "Green"and is made of organic materials and is not toxic to the environment. It is a “non-hazardous substance” under federal laws (16 CFR 1500 et. seq.) with no special reporting or disposal requirements. ArmorMix™ is “VOC” compliant (volatile organic compound) and meets all federal, state and local regulations.

Using the ArmorMix™ proprietary polymer ceramic nanocomposite technology, a strong coating surface is created that has extremely high resistance to corrosion, rust, abrasion, heat, water and fire, while possessing outstanding insulating properties. ArmorMix™ is tougher than 2205 stainless steel, 4x stronger than concrete and almost as hard as a diamond (ArmorMix™ hardness factor is 9, a diamond’s is 10). ArmorMix™ is 42% lighter than steel by volume, yet it is flexible. ArmorMix™ stops abrasion, is lightweight,
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